• Foodie Village Showcase

    These are the pieces of the Foodie Village puzzle


    "Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.
    Life is so endlessly delicious."
    -Ruth Reichl

    These are our Foodie Creatives - Your Future Partners - in action.

  • The Food Truck Business is Competitive

    We Give You An Edge - Support and Creation of a New Venue

    A Foodie Village Partnership - We Create and Grow Communities

    Here's Some of our Options...

    Basic Plan - A Startup - Foodie Popups

    We partner with you to help build your space one vendor and one customer at a time. Our Vendors enjoy Popups as long as you can help us grow. We help to curate great Creatives and other Vendors and Entertainers. This is our shortest term Foodie Project. They run for 1-3 day events.

    • Our Daily Rates and Fees vary depending on the Client's objectives
    • They depend on a Variety of Choices
    • Any Guarantees are open
    • Choice of cuisines
    • Selected activities
    • Featured Day or Days of the week and other options
    • We build from simple Popups to Hotspots to the Foodie Village Level

    Upgrade Plan - An Audience Favorite - Foodie Hotspot

    We jump on board and help to create a win-win-win at your location. The community wins, the vendor wins and your audience grows so you win too! This is a great option as a starter and precursor to the Foodie Village. We help you get started to build an audience over time (anywhere from a few months to up to a year)


    Hotspots are good for locations that have good existing traffic that you can reach out to and invite to the location. We help guide the project along the way and grow the visitors by Vendors, Entertainers and much more.

    • A Good Option for Property Owners, Investors and Managers 
    • Build the Community Through Weekly Commitments
    • Consistency is Key in all Foodie Projects
    • Creating New Options in your Neighborhood
    • A Few Days a Week and at Least a Couple Vendors at a Time
    • We Rotate Cuisines for Added Weekly Variety
    • Good for Existing Locations with Traffic to Help Increase the Volume
    • Foodie Ventures will Help Guide the Project Along

    Premium Plan - Foodie Villages Medium to Large-scale and Virtual Village Plans

    Foodie Village & Virtual Villages a New 21st Century Concept for all types of Vendors, Restaurants and Mobile Food Vendors including Entertainers, Performers and much more!

    • New and Unique Programs to Help Food Establishments Grow
    • A Strong Solution for Mobile Food Vendors and Restaurants to beat the Ghost and Cloud Kitchen business model
    • Extraordinary and Extremely Unique Business Solutions Unlike Anything on the Market Today
    • Key Marketplace Management Offering Direct Competition to All Types of Virtual Kitchen Models
    • Medium to Large-scale Special Events

    The Foodie Extravaganza- A Foodie Spectacular - Super Large-scale Special Events with a Music and Foodie Festival Combined

    An Ultra Large-scale Family Fun and Adult Activities

    • Massive Food and Cuisine Selections
    • Great Food Selections and Special Events Throughout the Foodie Spectacular 
    • 25 to 100 Food Vendors
    • Beverages of all types - Beer, Wine and Cocktails
    • Concerts, Nightclub Style Settings and Live Shows
    • Daily Family Activities and Adult Party Events Begin in the Evening 
    • Popular Bands and Musical Performances of all Genres
    • Live Artists Painting Performance Shows
    • Family Friendly Fun Activities
    • Ride the Foodie Village Market Express Around the Festival (Kids & Adults)
    • Kiddie Villages for Children's Fun Activities
    • Multi-day Activities
    • 3 Day Festival Event Starting with a Friday Night Market
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